AmericanSuya is a line of seasoning with a rich history and flavorful twist. Traditional Suya is a dry rub usually reserved for grilled beef and other meats. Known for being a tasty street food, the meat is served sizzling off the grill with any combination of fresh onion, cucumber, and/or tomato. The Suya adding a unique smoked spice flavor to whatever it touches. From this base AmericanSuya was created.

As a company, we are founded on LOVE. A love for food, cooking, and last but not least spices! Our founder started his cooking journey at the tender age of 8. He couldn’t resist the charm and excitement of being around his family in the kitchen. He was always around passionate home chefs, grill masters, and bakers. Throughout the years, something about seasonings just stood out. The idea of creating a unique flavor profile that was complex yet versatile. After being introduced to Nigerian Suya culture, he was hooked. This was the perfect base to create something like none other. Paying homage to his own upbringing and background, while using Nigerian influences, AmericanSuya was born.

Be ready for the spice and flavor to meet any dish you cook!