Traditional Suya spice is a seasoning staple found in West Africa. Although it stands alone, the term "Suya" generally denotes a spiced skewered meat. It is typically made with various thinly sliced meat. Meat that is cut, skewered and seasoned all by hand before being placed on a piping hot grill. This process can easily take all day, which is why Suya seasoning is known to be a popular late night snack/street food found in many regions across West Africa. It's the complexity of flavor and spice that makes it the perfect seasoning for many kinds of meat. Not only is the meat dusted with the spice throughout cooking, but it is also served on the side for extra helpings of flavor.

Suya spice is typically used as the main seasoning on popular street BBQ in West Africa, more specifically Nigeria. Known as a late night indulgence, skewered meat is set ablaze and served piping hot off the grill. The flavor profile is so distinct by Suya powder, the BBQ is referred to simply as “Suya.” Generally made with thinly sliced beef, chicken, or cuts of goat, then wrapped in newspaper; partakers can enjoy their Suya on the go with extra helpings of dried pepper on the side.

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